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Our Services

TSM's industry provides advice and assistance to organizations and companies to assure safe and healthy working conditions for employees. TSM will provide training, outreach, education, and assistance in the form of worksite evaluations, hazard assessments, facility design reviews and policy compliance audits. Please find below a list of TSM's present products/services:

NAICS Codes:Services


Other Scientific/Technical Consulting Services


Management Consulting Services


Other Management Consulting Services


Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Consulting

The Safety Man has a cadre of training courses and consulting services for your organization to include: Occupational Safety & Health Compliance Training and Industrial Hygiene Management Consulting.

Industry Products

•Occupational hazard evaluation

•Implementation of best practices

•OSHA compliance assistance

•Safety and health training

Industry Activities

•Occupational hazard evaluation

•OSHA compliance assistance

•Workplace safety, health training

•Health and Safety Workplace

policy development

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